Yadamma Raju And Stella Sharon Love Story | Hidden Facts About Yadamma Raju Love Story

Yadamma Raju Sharon Stella Love Story Video

Yadamma Raju Biography:

Yadamma Raju is one of the leading Telugu TV comedian. Yadamma Raju has a good fan base due to the super hit Patas comedy show. He along with his team mates Saddam, Hari and Bhaskar became small screen sensational actors and social media influencers. At present all the four friends Raju, Saddam, Hari and Bhaskat are appearing in Zee Telugu's "Adirindhi" comedy show. In starting of the "Adirindhi" show, Yadamma Raju shared screen presence with his long lasting friends Saddam Hussian and Bhaskar under "Gully Boyz" team name. But now Express Hari and Yadamma Raju are teamed up under "Rowdy Boyz" team name. Yadamma Raju was born on January 25th. He belongs to a middle-class family that hails from Andhra Pradesh. He currently lives in Hyderabad. Raju won many hearts with his comedy timing and slang. 

Yadamma Raju's Lover Sharon Stella Pastham:

Yadamma Raju and Sharon Stella Pastham first appeared in Patas show. Sharon Stella was known with the name Bavana (Bhavana) in ETV Plus's Patas show. Audience still have questions on her name change from Bavana to Sharon Stella. They both appeared in many skits. We can easily trace out that they both were in love during the Patas show. This can be observed in the Patas skit where Raju was slightly trolled for acting as brother to Bavana (Sharon Stella). Their love story was kept as a secret until the special event "Bapu Bommaku Pellanta", which was aired on Zee Telugu. 

Sharon Stella Introduction In "Bapu Bommaku Pellanta" Show:

During Vinayaka Chavithi, Zee Telugu telecasted a special event "Bapu Bommaku Pellanta" with the basic concept of Nigarika Konidela's engagement. Sharon Stella was introduced to audience in this program as Yadamma Raju's lover. In one of the promo, the tattoo Stella has on her wrist attracted the audience. 

This video is about the tattoo piercing on Stella's wrist which displays Raju's name in style. 

Anchor Bhanu later posted a video about this special skit on her Instagram page. This post was a live Instagram live and some of her fans asked questions about why Adirindhi show episodes are not getting uploaded on YouTube and about Yadamma Raju's lover Stella Sharon. In this Instagram live, anchor Ravi revealed the reasons for not uploading Adirindhi show episodes on YouTube. He then revealed some of the secrets of Yadamma Raju's lover Sharon Stella. He said that Stella always wishes to be in front of Yadamma Raju. She travels to almost all events and shows along with Raju. All actors, staff associated with both Patas and Adirindhi show know the love affair of Yadamma Raju and Sharon Stella. It was kept as secret and just revelead during this show as they are going to get married in a few months. 

Sharon Stella who was thinking of having a tattoo about Yadamma Raju's name on her wrist felt that this special event was the occasion to reveal their love story to audience. She had pierced that tattoo just a few days before the special event. 

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