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The Expendables Movie Cast

The Expendables Movie Basic Info

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Release Date: August 12, 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10.0
Duration: 01:43:28 Hours
Budget: 80 million USD
Box Office: 274 million USD
Director: Sylvester Stallone
Music: Brian Tyler
Verdict: Hit

The Expendables Movie Storyline

The Expendables is about a group of mercenaries led by Barney Ross [Sylvester Stallone]. This group is hired by a church to end the dictatorship in Latin America. Barney Ross and his teammate Lee Christmas [Jason Statham] visit the area to check the facts about the dictator and the possibilities of carrying on the mission. During this process, they discover that an ex-CIA officer is behind the rule and the dictator is only a puppet in his hands. Watch the movie to know how Barney Ross and his team complete the mission.

The Expendables Movie Cast

Actor/ActressCharacter Name
Sylvester Stallone Barney Ross
Jason Statham Lee Christmas
Dolph Lundgren Gunnar Jensen
Jet Li Yin Yang
Terry Crews Hale Caesar
Randy Courture Toll Road
Steven Anderson Dan Paine
Mickey Rourke Tool
Charisma Carpenter Lacy
Eric Roberts James Munroe
Giselle Itie Sandra

Box Office Collections Of The Expendables Movie

The budget of "The Expendables" movie is 80 million USD. The total world wide gross collections of the movie is 274 million USD.

The Expendables Movie - Top ten countries by box office collections

CountryBox Office Collections in USD
United States & Canada103 million
China31 million
United Kingdom15,969,695
The Expendables - Total World Wide Gross Collections274 million USD

👉 Indian [English, Hindi,Tamil,Telugu Releases] Box Office Collections are not included in the list.

Interesting Facts About The Expendables Movie

  • The Expendables is the first part of the three movies in the "The Expendables" series. 
  • The Expendables has perfect action sequences and fight scenes without heavy graphics.
  • This movie reminds the blockbuster action scenes/movies of 1980s and 1990s.
  • According to the movie distribution company Lionsgate, a whopping 40% of the film viewers were female.
  • Jason Statham and Jet Li have previously appeared in The One (2001) and War (2007) movies. The Expendables is their third hit combination.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in a guest role in the first part. 
  • Sylvester Stallone was nominated for the "Worst Director" category at Golden Raspberry Awards
  • The only award this movie achieved is for the Fireworks in stunt department. 
  • The movie received mixed reviews from the audience. While the movie was appreciated for it's action sequences, it was trolled for it's poor storyline. 
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