Top 3 Worst Hollywood Movies Of 2019

We are providing the list of top 3 Worst Movies Of Hollywood of 2019 based on user reviews. The 3 worst Hollywood movies are listed below. 

The Fanatic:

What happens when you combine the star power of John Travolta and the writing and directing chops of Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst? Why, the third-worst film of 2019, of course. The psychological thriller, which finds Travolta playing a man on the autism spectrum who stans an action-movie star (Devon Sawa), somehow managed to gross "$10 or less" in "a handful of theaters" on opening day, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Worst Movies Of Hollywood
Keanu Reeves from Replica

Finally released in January after sitting on the shelf for over a year, this nonsensical sci-fi thriller stars Keanu Reeves as a scientist who attempts to bring his wife and children back to life after they perish in a car crash. Sadly, critics found it too "dour" and "boring" to work as so-bad-its-good entertainment.

Playing With Fire:

This year's worst (intentional) comedy, the family-friendly Fire stars John Cena, Keegan-Michael Key, and John Leguizamo as firefighters suddenly forced to care for a group of young children. Your children are probably too smart to enjoy the result.