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PREY - Hollywood Dubbed Hindi
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PREY - Hollywood Dubbed Hindi Movie Brief:

Prey is a 2007 Hollywood adventure movie which was shot in African forests. The cast of Prey movie includes Bridget Moynahan (of IROBOT and UNKNOWN movies), Peter Weller, Carly Schroeder, Conner Dowds and Marius Roberts. The movie was directed by Roodt and was produced by Bernice Spring and Anant Singh.

PREY - Hollywood Dubbed Hindi Movie Plot:

Tom Newman (Peter Weller), an American engineer by profession moves to Africa for a short period regarding a dam project. He moves to Africa along with his second wife Amy Newman (Bridget Moynahan), daughter Jessica Newman and son David Newman. His daughter Jessica couldn't accept her father's second marriage. Mrs Amy Newman works on to improve the bonding with her stepchildren.

One day, when Tom Newman is busy working out on his project, his wife Amy and his two kids Jessica, David go on a Safari with the assistance of a ranger. During their Safari tour, in the middle David needs to get down of the vehicle to pee. The ranger escorts David as the land is full of lions and wild animals. David and the ranger gets attacked by a hungry lion. David runs into the vehicle and saves his life. The ranger gets killed while saving the boy from the hungry lion.

PREY - Hollywood dubbed Hindi movies free download | free movies online
PREY - 2007 Hollywood Movie
Hollywood Dubbed Hindi Movie

The three Amy, Jessica and David gets trapped and can't escape because the vehicle keys are left with the ranger. They couldn't dare to get down as they can see many lions moving around the area. As they are struck in the middle of the Safari, they can't even run for help. The rest of the story is how Amy, Jessica and David survive from the lions' attack without moving out of the vehicle. Watch the movie Prey to know how Amy strengthens her bond with her step children Jessica and David.

PREY - Hollywood Dubbed Hindi Movie Review And Rating:

Positive Points About PREY Movie:
Prey movie has a good performance from the leading artists.
Good scenery of African Sahara forests.
The lion episodes look natural.

Negative Points About PREY Movie:
The movie fails to carry-on intensity.
Poor direction.

PREY Movie Rating:
IMDB Rating: 4.7
Viewers Rating: 6.5

👉Unlike other direct hollywood movie releases, PREY movie concentrated it's business through DVD sales. 

PREY - Hollywood Dubbed Hindi Movie Wiki:

Released Date: 2007
Runtime: 92 minutes (1:32:00)
Genre: Adventure, Suspense
Movie Language: English
Audio available: Hindi
Video Available: Hollywood Dubbed Hindi Movies


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